[LAD] Re: [LAU] [ANN] pyliblo 0.5

Dominic Sacré dominic.sacre at gmx.de
Thu May 3 21:03:30 UTC 2007

Hi James,

On Wednesday 02 May 2007, James McDermott wrote:
> thanks for making Pyliblo, it is indeed very pleasant to use...
> > It does not yet
> > wrap all of liblo's functionality, but includes everything you need
> > to send and receive almost any kind of OSC message [...]
> Am I right in thinking that "almost any kind" at the moment excludes
> the MIDI type? Let me know if you add it!

Yup, MIDI is not supported yet. But I've already started writing some code 
to add the currently missing data types (that would be MIDI, time tags, 
and true/false/nil/infinitum), as well as support for bundles.
There are still a few things to do, and I can't make any promises when 
I'll be able to finish this, but I'm hoping to make a new release pretty 
soon. I'll keep you posted!


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