[LAD] [ANN] LV2 beta3

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Thu May 10 18:56:10 UTC 2007

> Translation:  no "tie in" here.

My "Tie In" comment was directly related to this specific sentence by 

> For the common user, hosts and plugin collections should be part 
> of the distribution he uses.

I despise the thought of being "tied in" to a distribution as a user, 
especially since very rarely does a distribution match my needs exactly. 
  That is my own personal preference there, I should have made it more 

> I still fail to see what this "profile" idea actually entails, in
> concrete terms... I suspect it doesn't mean anything at all  ;)  As Lars
> points out, trying to tell everyone what to do isn't worth the effort,
> and is contrary to the whole point here anyway.  I'm not sure why anyone
> would want to bother trying to come up with arbitrary definitions of
> feature set combinations and slapping a "profile" name on it.  What's
> the point?  Support the features you can/want to support..

The point is to allow people not familiar with the technicalities of it 
to know when their plug-in will or won't work.  As I have said in the 
past, I only use the 'profile' because I couldn't come up with a simpler 
way of doing it(And asked for other suggestions).  All the profile would 
be is a defined set of extensions that are included in its support to 
allow some form of consistency across the board.

> That said, this is purely a documentation issue.  A nice central
> location for finding what's out there in LV2 land would be useful.  A
> wiki is probably the only thing that's feasible, unless someone wants to
> maintain something more custom.

I mentioned it was not a technical issue some time ago.  It is all in 
how it is presented, and that some forethought needs to be given to this 
in the event that the flexibility IS taken advantage of in LV2.


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