num/denom v's double (was: Re: [LAD] [ANN] LV2 beta3)

Steve Harris steve at
Sat May 12 22:27:42 UTC 2007

On 12 May 2007, at 22:58, Jens M Andreasen wrote:

> On Sat, 2007-05-12 at 20:35 +0100, Steve Harris wrote:
>> On 12 May 2007, at 10:52, Jens M Andreasen wrote:
>>> Given the function f(a,b), where most people would only need to  
>>> bother
>>> about f(a), we could do:
>> Ugh. I really don't like that. If the API mandates a num/denom, make
>> sure its propertly documented and people use it, otherwise it's a
>> waste of everyone's time, and it will never be possible to use it in
>> practice.
> Ehrm, I think I said it should be documented in the man page, but
> perhaps not in the skeleton demo aimed at people with a bright idea
> they'd like to try out

People will copy the skeleton demo, so if it doesn't use the  
denominator you may as well not have it.

>> I can only assume that Fons was joking when he said that, as he's so
>> concerned about compatibility.
> You don't have to like it, actually most people (except for Fons?) can
> just ignore it and move on with whatever it was that they were  
> doing ...

they can't /ignore/ it, they have to use it. I agree that it doesn't  
have to be very taxing.

> The cost of pushing one or a few extra more/less redundant  
> parameters on
> the stack is /nada/ compared to the pointer arithmetics involved in
> figuring out where the in and out buffers are located, and then start
> shuffling data around and then, while we are at it, perhaps do  
> something
> with the data as well?

The computational cost is vanishingly small.

- Steve

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