[LAD] transfer function visualisation

nescivi nescivi at gmail.com
Sat May 26 16:02:35 UTC 2007


On Saturday 26 May 2007 16:09:35 Andrew Gaydenko wrote:
> > Es geschah am Saturday, 26. May 2007 14:57 als Andrew Gaydenko schrieb:
> > > Is there some kind of JACK-ready tool to draw a transfer function
> > > (db/db) of a given chain (last one is something having JACK input and
> > > output ports)?
> >
> > Ehm ... no?
> >
> > And btw transfer functions are only for LTI systems, so such a tool wont
> > work with arbitrary JACK chains. Or do you just want to use it for chains
> > of simple filters and effects? Ah, and such a tool has to be connected to
> > both ends of the chain, to be able to send an impulse through the chain.
> >
> > CU
> > Christian
> Christian,
> You are right, I'm just interested in what does this or that filter/effect
> do (limiters, compressors, "tube-nizers" and so on - both software and
> hardware). Of course, I see, say, attack/release times may be beyond such
> simple db/db viewer. At any case "pseudo-static" mode is interesting also.
> I imagine such viewer having (besides of excitation frequency control) 'min
> level', 'max level' and 'excitation time' controls. Last one may be rather
> long (say, up to 20-60 sec).

I guess one could abuse Aliki for it. Instead of measuring the impulse 
response of a room, just measure it of your JACK effect chain.


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