[LAD] Yamaha XS - more audio products using Linux

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Sat May 26 16:25:42 UTC 2007

On Sat, May 26, 2007 at 08:15:37AM -0700, Mike Taht wrote:

> Wow. I just looked at this. Pic is gorgous!
> http://www.midasconsoles.com/images/content/products/product_shots/xl8/xl8-worksurface-top.jpg
> Where is Linux used in this architecture?

I've been reading their promotional material.  Fascinating stuff.  Each
segment of the console is actually a seperate system and they are
connected together via MidasNET.  MidasNET is a combination of Sony's
SuperMAC (AES50) and HyperMAC connections.  Midas claims that competing
equipment using those two standards will be able to seemlessly trade
audio with the XL8.  AES50 allows for ethernet to be run on top of it.

This could include a regular home grown linux audio workstation if you
bought an ASI6416 card for it from Audio Science. They (ASI) say that
linux drivers are available for the card.  For other cards from them,
they give you both ALSA drivers and a proprietary SDK as well.

Anyway, in the XL8, I would imagine that linux is only used for the
ethernet communications, driving the displays, and reading the control
surfaces.  I would think that to get the latencies they advertise, the
audio would pretty well only be handled by FGPAs and/or dedicated DSP
chips.  Keep in mind that since each segment is seperate, this would
actually mean five linux systems.  Perhaps more could be inferred from
the source code releases from Midas.  The question was brought up almost
a year ago, but I don't see any answer to where to find the source in
the archives.  Maybe they just include it on a CD bundled in with the
consoles themselves.

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