[LAD] Terminology problem

David Olofson david at olofson.net
Wed Nov 14 21:49:52 UTC 2007

Not sure if this is a hard problem, or if I'm just being extra stupid 

Assume we have a 2D addressing scheme for addressing Ports on a 
plugin. A Port here can be a connection that sends or receives a 
single mono audio stream, control data for a single parameter, or 
something like that.

The first dimension is similar to MIDI CCs, or the different types of 
controls in a mixer strip. The coordinate indicates what kind or 
group of control/port/whatever we're talking about. Examples: "Master 
volume control" (probably just one of these) and "channel pitch 
controls" (one per channel, obviously). On a (normal) studio mixer, 
we'd be talking about a horizontal row of controls, all of the same 

The second dimension is similar to MIDI channels, synth voices, or 
mixer channels, depending on context. I'm calling all this "Channel", 
as that's the least domain specific name I can think of that still 
makes sense. Basically, when you have multiple indentical internal 
objects, this is how you address the instances.

Now, what do I call the first dimension, *before* specifying what 
channel I'm talking about? How do I address "the Volume CCs of all 16 
MIDI channels", or "the PFL buttons of all mixer strips?" I'd like a 
short, logical, non-confusing name for this, but I can't seem to 
think of one.

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