[LAD] ..._1913.xml: No such file or...

alexander ehlert alexander.ehlert at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 17:37:46 UTC 2007


> I can't find any information about this. I don't understand or know why
> it needs to access the xml file. I don't what I am meant to do to make
> sure it finds it, or even where it's meant to be.
> There was no such problem implementing GLAME Butterworth filters. How
> I'm meant to tell?

as I wrote the GLAME Butterworth filter, I'm just curious to know what
you mean with "no such problem"?
Why should the GLAME filter have your debugging problem? Did you write
your plugin within the
swh-plugins framework? How did you do it?

Cheers, Alex
PS: wow, i probably posted years ago to this list ;)

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