[LAD] "enhanced event port" LV2 extension proposal

David Olofson david at olofson.net
Thu Nov 29 01:00:04 UTC 2007

On Thursday 29 November 2007, Dave Robillard wrote:
> Same with LV2 ports; works perfectly for port types.  Problem is,
> sticking a URI in each /event/ is far too bloated/slow.

That's why I'm using a Port as the smallest "connection unit", much 
like LADSPA ports, so there is no need for an event type field of any 
kind at all, let alone a URI.

The data in the events *could* be MIDI or whatever (the host doesn't 
even have to understand any of it), but normally, in the case of 
Audiality 2, it'll be modular synth style ramped control events. That 
is, one port controls exactly one value - just like in LADSPA, only 
using timestamped events with ramping info instead of one value per 

Extensibility is a non-issue on this level. What you do if you want 
more stuff is just grab another URI for a new event based protocol, 
and you get to start over with a fresh event struct to use in 
whatever way you like. (In fact, as it is, the host doesn't even have 
to know you'll be using events. It just provides a LIFO pool of 
events for any plugins that might need it.)

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