[LAD] Playing Audio Over CAT5

Tosif Ahmed tosifahamed at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 02:55:29 UTC 2007


I am an undergrad student working on a project related to playing audio on a
Linksys WRT54GL Router through cat5 cable. I have the following setup.

A Linksys WRT54GL router with OpenWRT firmware on it. What i want to do is
to play some audio file (prefrably mp3 format), and stream the output over
Ethernet through CAT5 cables and convert it through a balun. I have broken
the process in following  steps

1. Get the audio file and  decode it (through libmad or a similar library)
2. Convert this to analog form
3. Send it over Ethernet

I understand the first part, and have already started the implementation,
but the other two steps are where i have problems.

To play it directly on a speaker i would need to convert it to Analog, but
how do make those analog signals travel over ethernet?

As you can i dont have much knowledge about audio programming, so  i would
appreciate any help i could get on this mailing list.

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