[LAD] Playing Audio Over CAT5

Tosif Ahmed tosifahamed at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 05:40:28 UTC 2007

>The Digital-To-Analog-Converter (DAC for short) is a hardware-part, you can
>not replace it by something software (1). And as the WRT doesn't have DACs
>the outputs (at least not with the resolution you want), you can never use
>to output analog audio signals.

   Can i not use an an external hardware DAC chip or something to do the
conversion (i am not sure about the interfacing part here). Or is this whole
idea of audio over CAT5 wont work?

> NSLU can then stream music from your computer or Internet radio.
> It goes out the USB port and converts to analog.
> Use powered speakers since you don't have an amp.

   NSLU is definitely a very good option for doing something like that,
thanks for the suggestion.

But this whole mean getting a new hardware, which is wat i am trying to
avoid by exploring the prospects of sending audio over good old cat5 cables.
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