[LAD] Develop a virtual sound card driver.

Hannu Savolainen hannu at opensound.com
Fri Oct 5 17:08:38 UTC 2007

Luis Agustín Nieto wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> We wish to undertake a new project for college (we are students of 
> Computer Science at University of Buenos Aires) and the idea is to 
> develop a virtual sound card driver which is capable of capturing the 
> sound output generated by any standard Linux application, in order to 
> do something with these data (for example dumping them to a file).
Something like this exists in OSS4. The "audioloop" driver is a pipe 
between virtual client and server side devices. Whatever is written to 
the client side can be read from the server end. For example the 
application listening the sever side device can dump everything played 
by the clients to a disk file. No sound card is needed since the pipe is 
syncronized to the system timer.

Best regards,


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