[LAD] [PATCH] japa-0.2.1 colors customizability improvement

Nedko Arnaudov nedko at arnaudov.name
Sun Oct 21 20:24:54 UTC 2007

Here is a tiny patch to improve japa-0.2.1 colors customizability.
I created it to achieve outlook that can be seen here:


I'm also attaching configuration file I use to achieve the outlook.
FYI, example conf file is missing from 0.2.x tarballs, despite of what
is said in the README.

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% Example JAPA configuration file.
% This can got to 
%   /etc/japa.conf
%   ~/.Xdefaults
%   ~/<xxx>rc
% See README for more.

% Uncomment to use JACK as default.
Japa.jack: true

% Uncomment to use ALSA as default.
%Japa.alsa:   true
%Japa.device: hw:0.0
%Japa.fsamp:  48000
%Japa.period: 1024
%Japa.nfrags: 2

% Uncomment for an alternative color scheme
% with dark backgrounds and light traces.
Japa.color.main.bg: gray40
Japa.color.main.fg: white
Japa.color.main.ds: gray20
Japa.color.main.ls: gray60
Japa.color.text.fg: gray40
Japa.color.spect.bg: black
Japa.color.spect.fg: gray50
Japa.color.spect.gr: gray30
Japa.color.spect.sc: gray80
Japa.color.spect.trA: #FFC000
Japa.color.spect.pkA: #C08000
Japa.color.spect.trB: #00C0FF
Japa.color.spect.pkB: #0080C0
Japa.color.spect.trM: darkgreen
Japa.color.butt.bg0: gray50
Japa.color.butt.fg0: black
Japa.color.butt.bg1: yellow
Japa.color.butt.fg1: black
Japa.color.butt.bgA: #FFC000
Japa.color.butt.fgA: black
Japa.color.butt.bgB: #00C0FF
Japa.color.butt.fgB: black
Japa.color.butt.bgM: darkgreen
Japa.color.butt.fgM: black
Japa.color.white: black

% Default fonts, uncomment and change as required
Japa.font.about1:  terminus:pixelsize=24
Japa.font.about2:  terminus:pixelsize=14
Japa.font.button:  luxi:pixelsize=12
Japa.font.labels:  luxi:pixelsize=11
Japa.font.scales:  luxi:pixelsize=9
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Nedko Arnaudov <GnuPG KeyID: DE1716B0>
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