[LAD] [Announce] MusE 0.9

Robert Jonsson rj at spamatica.se
Sun Sep 2 19:40:08 UTC 2007

Hello everybody,

Finally, after what does seem like ages (mainly because there literally
has been ages) since the last release, here is finally what we have
decided to call MusE 0.9!

MusE is a multitrack midi/audio sequencer with support for internal and
external softsynths, in the same vein as popular commercial music
applications like Cubase, Logic, etc.

MusE has been in transition towards a redesign dubbed MusE 1.0 and there
wasn't supposed to be any more development in the old (0.7,0.8, now 0.9)
But, due to fresh developer interest and lots of angry users, we decided
to resurrect the old codebase :)
(I didn't mean the part about angry users, we love you all! :-) )

The MusE homepage is at:

The download is available at:

Some major changes since 0.8.1:
- Working -old style- automation system, pretty much all parameters
   should be automatable, audio and midi.
- Redesigned Solo/Mute system, works much better
- lots of "things" added
- lots of bugs fixed
(exchange quotations as needed)

Quite long winding excerpt from the ChangeLog:
* Fixed bug 1650953 - select and move segfault
* Fixed broken master list editor. Should cure bug 1687166
* Added auto part resizing to drum canvas
* Fixed intermittent crash when cutting a part.
* Fixed arranger part selection
* Fixed arranger part operations (move etc.) to use selected part.
* Fixed arranger keyboard left and right previous/next part selection.
* Fixed wave editor - Black selection bar intermittent drawing.
* Wave editor now allows you to open multiple selected wave parts
* Fixed intermittent arithmetic exception crash in wave viewer.
* Fixed bad wave drawing above certain zoom level in wave editor.
* fix for sustain pedal to work as suspected when looping.
* Feature request: 1650957 space bar should start/stop playback fixed
* Fixed bug 1645575 - Eraser tool causes segfault in drum editor
* Fix for bug #1074808 "NRPN - still 128 values?"
* Fixed some major issues with undo/redo.
* Prevented save and segfault upon load for routes with empty names.
* Add new soloing system.
* Enabled MIDI mixer strip solo buttons.
* Fixed loading of .med files, with plugins, created before muse-0.9pre1
* Fixed touch mode events storing, was not right.
* Sliders, knobs and labels respond to mousewheel and paging properly.
* Linked labels with sliders and knobs for paging and mouse wheeling
* Fixed integer controls (like Glame Bandpass 'stages').
* Fixed external plugin gui's to look like the built-in freeverb.
* solo is now united between midi and audio
* fixed issue with hanging notes for softsynths when stop is pressed
* fixed faulty off value for aux when set to max
* Fixed timing bug causing MusE to depend on jack buffer setting
* Added support for auto-scroll for all drag operations
* Adopted RT locking method from 1.0 branch.
* Fixed - DoubleLabel right click causes popup and runaway increment.
* Changing global tempo now updates things. (Like resizing wave tracks).
* Fixed ladspa plugin automation not working until plugin displayed.
* Select right item when stacked, for p-roll and arranger
* Apply effect rack before sending aux
* Auto assign internal softsynths upon creation
* New method for pasting parts, keep orig. spacing, fixes bug #1516294
* Muting of midi-tracks no longer mute input, bug #1092343
* Fixed issue with controllers when moving playhead, bug #1316542
* Cached peak files now updated when wave files are newer, bug #1469177
* Fixed bug with recording notes to existing part, bug #1552783
* asks when imported wave file has differing samplerate, bug #1428248
* Added rubberband scrolling in all applicable editors, bug #1057732
* Changed colours of audio-out and wave names to match icon colours
* Fixed aux sending
* Fix logarithmic feedback to plugin sliders
* Fixed multi-part undo for move,drag and copy in arranger, bug #1516298
* Fixed multiple note undo for move and drag in pianoroll
* Fixed cursor placement in List Editor upon delete events bug #1417718
* Fixed soloing. Also multiple soloing now allowed.
* Enabled solo buttons on the mixer strips.
* Fixed major issues with rack plugin moving, saving and loading.
* Fixed issue with multiple tempo changes and incorrect wave part length
* Changed plugin code to use double to stop certain errors
* Full LADSPA plugin automation.
* fluidsynth: fixed pitchbend events, fixes bug #1404212
* Editing volume and pan with keyboard on audio strip now works
* Fixed issue with audio record, fifo could overflow with small buffers
* fixed storing of files with relative path "under" the project path

Full ChangeLog:

Please report bugs and/or feature requests to the tracker

MusE Development team

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