A common plugin repository (WAS:Re: [LAD] ladspa qa?)

N. Gey ilfhi at gmx.de
Thu Sep 6 09:27:04 UTC 2007

Georg Holzmann schrieb:
> yep. maybe the gstreamer way is a possible solutions, or something 
> similar. they have three categories: good, bad and ugly (which are 
> also different packages):
> -------8<--------
> gst-plugins-good: a set of good-quality plug-ins under our preferred 
> license, LGPL
> gst-plugins-ugly: a set of good-quality plug-ins that might pose 
> distribution problems
> gst-plugins-bad: a set of plug-ins that need more quality
> --------8<--------
> (http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/modules/)

SVN is one (good) thing, but pre-packaging is very bad. Who will decide 
whats good and whats not? There is no indipendent way for all styles of 
music. Whats good for electro is bad for classical and so on.  So 
prefiltering is not the right way. Reviewing afterwards regarding to 
cases of use is a more fair system.


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