[LAD] Re: wine, vst, 64bit

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Tue Sep 18 12:06:38 UTC 2007

Marco Milanesi wrote:

>	By following LAD/LAU lists, I see that you are using pure 64bit
>arch, could you confirm that VSTs with 32 bit wine works?
Hi Marco,

I've cc'd this response to the lists because I want to clarify the 
situation for all who are interested.

The short answer is, "Yes".

The longer answer is "Yes, with some very specific caveats." Wine can be 
compiled as a 32-bit binary for running in a pure 64-bit system. I'm 
running such an arrangement now, with backport packages of Wine and 
libwine 0.9.34 (Debian, 64 Studio). However, IIRC 64 Studio already has 
more recent packages available.

The biggest problem is latency. In this scenario it's not possible to 
use the JACK/wineasio combination, so you'll end up using either the OSS 
or ALSA sound system for Wine (select in winecfg). It may be possible to 
lower latency with either of those drivers, but I've not worked at it.

So far I've only tested Reaper with some VST plugs. It worked, but I 
wouldn't try using it as a production environment. I haven't yet tested 
any other hosts.

And just to be clear: At this time I would advise anyone who wants to 
run VST plugins in production to do so with either JAD or 32-bit 64 
Studio. They support the wineasio driver, thus greatly improving the 
latency numbers.



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