[LAD] [linux-audio-dev] Direct Stream Digital / Pulse Density Modulation musing/questions

Jussi Laako jussi at sonarnerd.net
Mon Sep 24 22:19:05 UTC 2007

Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:
> [0] Why 1-Bit Sigma-Delta Conversion is Unsuitable for High-Quality 

I'm glad that I built good multi-bit DAC-box around very nice BB
PCM-63P. It's still among the best sounding converters. Unfortunately
that's not available any more. However, there are still some high
quality real multibit converters around.

When it comes to delta-sigma converters I'm mostly concerned about the
transient and some linearity properties of those. And in general the
commonly used switched-capacitor filters. One big reason for these
converters to exist I can see is the low cost and easy implementation of
the associated analog filters. Thus cheap (or cheaply made) devices are
likely to sound better.

In some cases, direct DSP processing of the DSD stream would be feasible.

	- Jussi

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