[LAD] Re: Direct Stream Digital / Pulse Density

Maitland Vaughan-Turner maitlandvt at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 03:29:14 UTC 2007

Dominique Michel <dominique.michel at citycable.ch> sez:

> Personally, I don't like it. I prefer very much a good stereo sound in the
> original language (with some kind of text if it is a language that I don't
> understand) like on the Swedish TV.
> For that PCM-DSD stuff. I prefer PCM because we can archive a good sound
> quality with a much lower bandwitch. DSD  was fine at the beginning of digital
> recording because it was nothing else (for what I know), but for today's
> professional audio, DSD is a waste of resources because of the huge needed
> bandwitch.
> Dominique

This hits near something I was wondering:  Wouldn't it be pretty easy
to do lossless compression on a DSD stream.   Since it's only one bit,
It seems like you could use simple run-length encoding to achieve
pretty good results.


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