[LAD] optimum binary distribution (was: vectorization)

Richard Spindler richard.spindler at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 14:38:35 UTC 2008

2008/4/17, Jens M Andreasen <jens.andreasen at comhem.se>:
> You are assuming that the original unpaid developer owns any of the
>  fancy hardware in question? That is in the general case - to put it
>  mildly - a stretch.

This depends on how much work/money the individual dev wants to put
into his project. Obviously this varies widely.

>  As has been shown in a previous thread, auto-vectorization is taking off
>  in a major way approaching and occasionally going beyond what a skilled
>  ASM programmer can accomplish. If I have understood the gcc mailing-list
>  correctly, this will go into the next version (4.3?) as default for -O3
>  The original programmer may not be aware of this, need not even be alive
>  for a distributor to type 'make world -O3 -msse4.1' (or some such) which
>  will optimize /everything/ for that processor architecture.

I think we are mixing up some problems here. If you are packaging an
existing piece of legacy software you will likely take a different
approach then when you are the original author of a program and you
are interested in getting the best performance for as many users as
possible with a minmal amount of fuzz for them.

>  The application on the end-user system sometimes known as the
>  packet-manager should be able to know where it lives and dive into the
>  network directory corresponding that architecture. No need for manual
>  support.

Setting up the infrastructure and getting distributions/packaging
software to support this will be much more work. As far as I know a
solution like this has not been implemented yet, and it is not likely
to happen, imho.

>  About NFS mount of /usr ... Are you sure that is such a wise decision
>  these days considering current prices of local storage? What happens
>  when the user unplugs his laptop and walks away?

This was just one of the many examples to point out what could
"potentially" go wrong if one starts to implement hodgepodge
solutions. But anyways, not everyones setup compares to anyone elses
setup, aiming for universalism where possible is surely what I
consider a best practice.


PS.: The correct response to "This is Madness" is of course: "Thiiiis
issss SPARTA!!!" ;-) :-P *lol*

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