[LAD] optimum binary distribution

Bill White bill.white at griggsinst.com
Thu Apr 17 15:00:49 UTC 2008

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Christian Schoenebeck wrote:
| That's why I was thinking about a little different approach for binary
| distributions: just precompile some part of the audio application (/most of
| it) and actually compile the core elements (the ones that are crucial to
| overall performance) on demand by the user.

This is slightly off topic, but people do this for numeric software
libraries.  HW platforms for supercomputers vary widely in their
structure.  This is true even for similar platforms.  Configuration
options on different instances of one kind of machine can cause the
algebraic software to perform wildly differently.  You'll still get
the same answer, but one may take a lot longer than the other.  So,
there is a distribution of LAPACK and BLAS which compiles them several
ways, and has an optimizer which compares the results and chooses the
best one.  In fact, the optimizer steers the selection of which parameters
to choose.  I think it's pretty slick.

This is a very different situation, though, as the libraries in question
are very much a shared resource, and they need to be as fast as possible.
People who do numeric computing are also willing to do more work to get
their answers than you are, whoever you may happen to be.
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