[LAD] Tiny mplayer patch

Pau Arumí Albó parumi at iua.upf.edu
Wed Apr 30 00:53:53 UTC 2008

El ds 26 de 04 del 2008 a les 00:54 +0200, en/na Fons Adriaensen va
> The attached small patch provides somewhat more flexible
> jack connections for mplayer, e.g.
> mplayer -ao jack:dest=ardour:port="Audio 2" 
> willl make mplayer connect to the inputs of track "Audio 2".
> You can also connect to e.g. system:playback_3,4 if you
> set an alias for them first.
> When used without 'dest', 'port' behaves as before i.e.
> it selects an application. But the obvious way to do this
> now is to use 'dest' of course.
> Not a perfect solution but it helps.

Yes, i was needing it :-)

mplayer is my jack favorite file player because it plays lots of audio
formats, multichannel, and does video!
In some occasions i need to connect to another jack-app or non-initial
hardware outputs. Actually i was doubting trying this hack or wrapping
mplayer with a script that redoes the connections.

I like he option in mplayer better -- and i'm also for promoting it to
the mplayer project.


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