[LAD] LinuxSampler questions

Christian Schoenebeck cuse at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jul 8 09:40:18 UTC 2008

Es geschah am Tuesday 08 July 2008 als Julien Claassen schrieb:
> Hello!
>    Please Christian or someone else, can you help me. I just reread the
> LinuxSampler features page and seems to be some way of marking points as
> implemented, not done or partly implemented. But I can really find those
> markings. Can someone give me a list of clearly marked features (clearly as
> in text not colours or other visually markings).

Ah, yeah those markers are pictures on the site. A red cross for "not yet 
implemented", a green check mark for "implemented" and a yellow circle 
for "partly implemented". I guess we shall set the alternative name attribute 
for those, right?

>    In particular I'm interested in the following:
> 1. Does LS support gigaStudio3?

Partly, most of the gig3 stuff is supported now, only few things are missing, 
like convolution support and that special kind of filter (I cant remember its 
name right now).

> 2. Articluations (.art-files)

That's partly implemented, but loading .art files doesn't work yet.

> 3. Convolution reverbs

Like said above, no internal convolution yet. But I started to prepare 
internal effect support in LS, ... so ... :-)

>    And another not completely related question: Is there a telnet
> equivalnet that supports a bit more line-editing and probably globbing. If
> I say telnet I mean the program "telnet". It's just annoying when
> misstyping not being able to correct the typos and when entering long
> filenames not being able to complete them.

JSampler (the Java based LS frontend application) provides a LSCP console with 
type completion etc. Try if it suits your needs.

Hope that helps!


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