[LAD] Regarding the linux-audio lists announcing policy

Tim Blechmann tim at klingt.org
Wed Jul 9 13:15:12 UTC 2008

>> Now regarding the fact that not everyone knows they should post on the
>> 3 lists, I don't really think that's the case. most announces I see are
>> posted at least on 2 lists. LAA is nearly always one of them. Some
>> people choose to add LAD and LAU, some choose to add also their project
>> list.
> I just ran the script again: as of July 8 2008 there are 1760 unique
> subscribers @linuxaudio.org's  4 lists (laa,lau,lad,consortium). The
> majority of users is subscribed to ONE list only.

being subscribed to a list and reading a list are two different 
things ... some people (including me) are reading the lists via gmane ...

besides ... if it is made clear that announcements are sent to the laa-
list only, people, who are interested in announcements can subscribe 
there ...
no need to force people to read mails several times, or even read mails 
one is not interested in (if someone doesn't care about announcements)

imho, double/triple-posting should be considered as `bad style' and 
should be avoided ...

best, tim

tim at klingt.org

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