[LAD] RME madiface

Florian Faber faber at faberman.de
Fri Jul 11 05:46:27 UTC 2008


> > I'm currently upgrading the driver to version 2.61 and RayDAT
> > support. There have been MAJOR modifications.. The driver was
> > pretty unmaintained for quite some time now.
> >
> > Please drop me an email if you whish to test the next driver
> > version since I have no AES32 myself.
> The AES32 was on a box I built for a friend who lives about 4 hours
> away. He's not the most proficient with Linux, so I can try to test
> it out, but it will take a while. (I need to get him online so I can
> just access his machine via ssh)
> Can I assume nothing changes in the ALSA API for that device? 

I only modified the peak structure to follow the hdsp (and original 
driver) 'way', but recompiling an application with the new headers (and 
without the ioctl-structure) should do it.

Everything else is either internal or an addition.

> The utility created by Winfried Ritsch is the only reference code I 
> have for accessing the matrix.

There will be a completely new TotalMix, replacing the hdspmixer.

> What kernel version is this driver revision slated for?

Shouldn't matter as long it is 2.6.

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