[LAD] Linux Plumbers Conference CFP Extended!

Lennart Poettering mzynq at 0pointer.de
Wed Jul 23 18:17:23 UTC 2008

On Wed, 23.07.08 16:28, Pieter Palmers (pieterp at joow.be) wrote:

>> Heya!
>> The Call For Papers for the Linux Plumbers Conference has been
>> extended until *July 31st*!
>> Anyone doing (audio) infrastructure work on Linux? If so, please make
>> sure to join us at the Linux Plumbers Conference in Portland/Oregon in
>> September. I will be doing a track about "Audio" there and would like
>> to make sure that everyone who does audio infrastructure work will
>> submit a paper, or at least attend, or maybe just knows about this
>> conference!
>> It's a conference about the kernel-userspace interfacing, about the
>> lower levels in our software stack.
> I guess you could include FFADO as "audio infrastructure on Linux", 
> although done in userspace. But unfortunately traveling overseas to 
> Portland is not really an option due to the cost.

To say this explicitly: the conference is about infrastructure on both
the kernel and the userspace side of the medal. It's about all that
stuff in the kernel that needs to interface directly with userspace,
but even more about all the userspace stuff that interfaces directly with 
the kernel. FFADO seems to do the latter. Hence, FFADO fits
*perfectly* into what Plumber's is about I would say.

There's always the Linux Foundation Travel Fund. Since the Linux
Foundation is backing this conference I am pretty sure we can find
some funding for you (off list).


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