[LAD] [OT] CD-R masters, block error rate and dvd-r mystery...

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Sat Jul 26 23:03:46 UTC 2008

On Sat, 26 Jul 2008 17:39:12 -0500
"Eric Shattow" <lucent at gmail.com> wrote:

> To get a more accurate idea of block errors, use a quality drive like
> a Plextor and Robert Fuller's https://gna.org/projects/cued software.
> My Plextor 712-SA does the trick. Be aware that the firmware of
> Plextor drives does some error correction to achieve the extremely
> low jitter.
> HA forums are awash with positive remarks about EAC (Exact Audio Copy
> on Windows OS) being the best software, but it's unmaintained and
> does not do a very good job of ripping CD audio.
> Also, there is no fully capable software to rip/write CD media on a
> modern *nix OS in raw96 mode. Without this mode, you don't have any
> way of knowing what errors are actually existent on the media being
> produced (or read). Most drives cook the error correction in various
> ways when ripping in other modes. The official specifications for CD
> media formats are costly and not easy to obtain.
> What kind of deal does your friend get, that is worth all this
> trouble?

Uh, that app is new to me, up until now I thought that rubyripper is
the best choice on linux. I haven't tried this one or rubyripper in a
while tough, may both be worth a try.

At the HA forums is a lot of talk about EAC, yes, but afaik these days
people there tend to use the commercial dbpoweramp. I think that it's
considered better than EAC. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't know
of other serious choices for windows.

Also, the often used as secure-ripper-on-linux-backend cdparanoia is
spoken of nicely.
It's news to me that libcdio is capable of bearing better results.
I really like to hear more about capable tools for linux.

Best Regards,

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