[LAD] [OT] vector drawing software

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 15:23:56 UTC 2008

Ok that explains things a bit at least, thank you Fons.

You are correct in that there are no connections(I think are what you are
looking for rather than paths which I think of from Gimp/Photoshop/Inkscape
as a bit different in QCad.  I actually used to think that was a problem,
but after doing several system one liners in QCad I have come to the
conclusion I depended on them way to much.

But at any rate, what I used for the type of drawings I believe you were
describing, believe it or not, is Open Office Draw.  The last time I did one
not in QCad, Inkscape at that point did not have connections, which I
believe it does now as of last summer, so that may very well work for what
you need now.  But what type of drawing specifically makes alarge difference
in the tool I chose, which is why I asked, as if I was doing a very
simplified one liner for someone that doesn't know their way around a sound
system, with images, etc. I would be looking not at QCad but one of the
other programs I mentioned.

At this point I would say look at Inkscape or Open Office Draw seriously,
and as you come across problems post a question and itll probably get
answered(Like it was previously).

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