[LAD] embedded high end audio

porl sheean porl42 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 06:06:24 UTC 2008

i thought maybe i would give a brief description of what i would like
to achieve in the end so someone may have a better idea as to how to
go about it.

my basic idea is to have a network of small devices that essentially
have audio inputs and/or outputs (mainly just stereo, but i can
imagine larger ones such as 8 in/out as well) and a network adaptor
which each connect to a main multi in/out device (or just a computer i
suppose) and synchronise to one clock source somehow. i have ideas as
to how interfaces for naming/assigning inputs/outputs etc should work,
but i am unsure as to the feasibility of the hardware of the devices
themselves. rather than getting someone to design a full custom
solution, i would like to be able to build on as much oss as possible.
netjack (at least the early versions of netjackmp) looks perfect, but
i'm unsure how the synchronisation etc would work. my resources are
extremely limited, but i really think i have some good ideas as to how
these things should work (user interface wise etc) and hope it is


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