[LAD] [EPAMP] an effect plugin API for media players: anyone interested?

Stefano D'Angelo zanga.mail at gmail.com
Sun Jun 1 18:17:17 UTC 2008


First of all, I'm sorry for the worst cross-posting ever.

My name's Stefano D'Angelo and I'm the author of NASPRO
(http://naspro.atheme.org), a project whose main aim is to build up a
system to make all sound processing APIs interoperable.

Since my project was recently accepted to become part of the Atheme
community (http://www.atheme.org) and began working close to the
audacious (http://audacious-media-player.org) developers, I could see
there actually were serious reasons behind the lack of standardization
for sound processing in the arena of media players.

Now, I wrote a first draft of a new sound processing API called EPAMP
especially targetted at media players; you can find it here:

With this mail, I'm trying to get some feedback (possibly in the Talk
page on the NASPRO wiki) about it and possibly to involve anyone who
is interested in its development.

Anyway, notice that the user interface part of the API is still
missing and that my project (NASPRO) will support this new API, giving
applications using it the possibility to access non-EPAMP plugins
without touching a single line of code (currently supported APIs are
audacious' and LADSPA, while DSSI, LV2, GStreamer and possibly VST are
more or less planned for the near future).

In case you're not interested and want to start a flame, please just ignore me.

This message is being sent to the communities/developers behind the
following projects:
 - Amarok
 - Aqualung
 - Audio Overload
 - BMPx
 - Banshee
 - cmus
 - Decibel Audio Player
 - Exaile
 - FALF Player
 - Freevo
 - GStreamer
 - Helix Player
 - Herrie
 - JaJuk
 - JuK (KDE multimedia)
 - Linux Audio Developers
 - KPlayer
 - Kaffeine
 - lamip
 - The LAMP
 - MPlayer
 - Miro
 - mpg123
 - mpg321
 - Muine
 - MPD
 - music on console
 - Noatun
 - ogg123 (vorbis-tools)
 - Ogle
 - Quod Libet
 - Rhythmbox
 - Sipie
 - SnackAmp
 - Sonata
 - Songbird
 - SMPlayer
 - VLC
 - wxMusik
 - XMMS2
 - Xfmedia
 - Xine
 - Zinf

If you know someone else who could be interested, feel free to forward this.

Best regards,

Stefano D'Angelo
zanga.mail at gmail.com

P.S.: sorry for sending this mail twice, I just forgot to put
addresses in the Cc: field :-(

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