[LAD] [EPAMP] an effect plugin API for media players: anyone interested?

Stefano D'Angelo zanga.mail at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 14:03:24 UTC 2008

2008/6/2 Arnold Krille <arnold at arnoldarts.de>:
> Am Montag, 2. Juni 2008 schrieb Fons Adriaensen:
>> On Mon, Jun 02, 2008 at 01:39:26PM +0200, Stefano D'Angelo wrote:
>> > It would work like this:
>> > stereo input -> hosts converts to 5.1
>> What do you mean by 'converts to 5.1' ?
>> That's actually what the plugin is supposed to do,
>> and the only reason why it's being used. If the host
>> is doing this sort of thing then you don't need plugins
>> at all.
> @Stefano: Without having seen anything from your spec, when you don't allow
> different numbers of input- and output-channels your spec is absolutely
> worthless.


> Even the effects in mplayer (which is as far as I understand your mails your
> target as a media-player) can have 2-in and 6-out as far as I know from using
> it.

Yep, but this is not that great for automatic chaining of effects...
or am I wrong?

> LV2 might be to complicated because of all its possible extensions, but
> allowing for any number of inputs and any number of outputs of any type with
> a varying number of samples/events per instance-run is one of the things that
> seem to be crucial to plugins these days.

Everything still applies, without the "any number of inputs and outputs" part.


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