[LAD] starting out with tux audio

AlgoMantra algomantra at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 09:39:29 UTC 2008

Thanks, Justin....for the informative post. I wasn't aware of all those

>right, that will set up working sound in just seven lines. Doing the
>same in ALSA is a bit more involved, unless you do like me and just
>copy/paste what other people have figured out:

Jens, your generosity is appreciated to no end. The 7-line code
did work fine and it gave much joy, both to me and my young students.
I am looking forward to playing around with your update.
I do copy/paste other people's code but it makes me happy only
when I can embellish it in some unexpected and fruitful way. I guess
thats the remix philosophy of our times...

dj fadereu
jaipur, india
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