[LAD] starting out with tux audio

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Jun 18 07:34:57 UTC 2008

AlgoMantra hat gesagt: // AlgoMantra wrote:

> >
> > I didn't mean to recommend Pd as a general language (this time), but
> > as a kind of library that takes away many tedious tasks like GUI
> > writing or audio interfacing and lets you concentrate on the dsp side
> > in your C code, while still being able to quickly run it. Of course
> > you could also use LADSPA for this.
> Thanks..I see what you're suggesting now. I have mixed up platforms
> like Python-OSC-ChucK etc, and I do see people using different combos
> all the time. Somehow it does seem messy from a aesthetic point
> of view, as in, things would appear more neatly organised if the platform
> were singular....innit?

Well, with Pd, it *is* singular: You only run one application, Pd,
that you can extend with additional objectclasses written in C - or in
Pd itself, Lua, Python, Scheme, Java, Forth, Haskell, Q, Faust and
maybe some other languages I don't yet know of.

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