[LAD] [ANN] DRC 2.7.0

Denis Sbragion d.sbragion at infotecna.it
Wed May 28 16:41:22 UTC 2008


DRC 2.7.0 is out and is available at:


Here are the release notes:

A new method for the computation of the excess phase component inverse, based
on a simple time reversal, has been introduced. The sample configuration files
have been rewritten to take advantage of the new inversion procedure. Sample
configuration files for 48 KHz, 88.2 KHz, 96 KHz sample rates have been added.
The homomorphic deconvolution procedure has been improved to avoid any
numerical instability. A new Piecewiswe Cubic Hemite Interpolating Polynomial
(PCHIP) interpolation method, providing monotonic behaviour, has been
introduced in the target response computation. All the interpolation and
approximation procedures have been rewritten from scratch to provide better
performances and accuracy.


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