[LAD] Looking for good JAVA project to contribute to

Luis Garrido luisgarrido at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Nov 7 09:20:14 UTC 2008

Increase of CPU power and JIT VMs or gcj make it possible to develop
certain kinds of audio software.

Compared to C/C++ some problems you might find are:

- The unpredictability of the garbage collector.
- A higher latency.
- A slower GUI.

Check out http://www.jsresources.org for a lot of resources and examples.

javasound-interest at java.sun.com is a mailing list where your questions
will get more informed answers.

You may also want to have a look at Qt (www.trolltech.com). It is a
C++ framework that bears a certain resemblance to Java APIs.



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