[LAD] ALSA doumentation

Fons Adriaensen fons at kokkinizita.net
Sat Nov 15 23:19:45 UTC 2008

On Sun, Nov 16, 2008 at 12:24:38AM +0200, Hannu Savolainen wrote:

> By making this kind of changes pretty much impossible we can prevent 
> programmers from doing stupid mistakes. Before ading this kind of stupid 
> workarounds
> they will probably ask somebody to help them. In this way there 
> is a chance that somebody with better knowledge can stop them.

It seems like you missed the point: there can be good
reasons for making this kind of changes from a program
and not only interactively by using some control panel. 
It all depends on what the program is, and who is running
it. Any normal app should probably not touch these settings,
but a session manager that sets up a multi-PC studio should
be able to do it. Even more so if most of the PCs involved
are in a machine room that is normally not accessible by
the studio's users.

In my case, the sample clock source should always be 'external'
(pretty obvious in a multi-machine setup), but the driver will
change it permanently to 'internal' when the external signal is
absent, which can happen temporarily. So I need not only set
this when initialising a session, but watch it permanently and
reset it when necessary. Since the users of this setup can't
be bothered to understand such things, it has to be automatic
and not by using some control panel.



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