[LAD] Merging alsa subdevices into multichannel

Eliot Blennerhassett linux at audioscience.com
Thu Nov 20 22:25:36 UTC 2008

On Thursday 20 November 2008 13:45:41 Jens M Andreasen wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-11-20 at 09:00 +1300, Eliot Blennerhassett wrote:
> > Hmmm. Sorry I can't help further, I only know how to set it up when it
> > does work ;)
> Your code actually works just fine when used directly at the C-level.
> Any chance of an annotated version - that reads a little like a brief
> tutorial - of the 4 channel merger?

I added a section here.

My code is derived from the documentation of multi plugin found here

except instead of defining separate route and multi plugins, I nest all the 
plugin defs so that only one set of $CARD,$DEV,$SUBDEV parameters are 
required. As you see in the above example, if you have fixed devices the 
setup is much less verbose.


Eliot Blennerhassett

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