[LAD] Jack MTC/MMC slaving

Alex Montgomery apmontgomery at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 17:28:01 UTC 2008

> I think this kind of tools is a good candidate to be developed as an "in
> server" JACK client. With the dbus based dynamic access of available "in
> server" clients installed on a machine, it will be quite easy to load/unload
> this kind of tool when needed (Netjack2 uses this model of "in server"
> clients).

Ok, so Nedko and I got a release out that supports goto/locate MMC messages
and command-line parameters. We're going to switch it over to using JACK
midi instead of ALSA midi next. Should we start thinking about making this
an "in server" client now? Could someone familiar with this stuff comment on

-- Alex
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