[LAD] Jack MTC/MMC slaving

Rui Nuno Capela rncbc at rncbc.org
Tue Nov 25 00:25:04 UTC 2008

Paul Davis wrote:
> On Mon, 2008-11-24 at 22:33 +0000, Rui Nuno Capela wrote:
>>> Not relevant, because using Qtractor as the MMC source is silly :)
>> otoh, maybe silly because qtractor is also fully mmc and jack-transport
>> aware. iow, qtractor and jackmmcctl will probably step on each other
>> toes. hmmm...
> no, silly because if QTractor wants to control JACK transport, its not
> going to plan on doing it by sending MMC. thats all i mean. the things a
> user wants to send MMC from to control JACK will be *outside* JACK, i am
> fairly certain of that.

ah, yes, but qtractor will also do the evil thing and spit out some mmc
when it detects jack transport state has changed somehow outside its own
control. eg. press play in qjackctl => jack transport starts rolling =>
qtractor starts rolling too => qtractor sends out mmc play command and
probably jackmmcctl will do the same :)...

rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela
rncbc at rncbc.org

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