[LAD] ANN: buzztard 0.4.0 "the light in your eyes"

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Wed Nov 26 21:24:32 UTC 2008


The buzztard team has released version 0.4.0 "the light in your eyes" of its
buzz-alike music composer. All modules got extensive improvements over the last
release from a half year ago. It is usable now and fun to play with. Give it a
try and report bugs.

Major addition is wavetable support for tracker plugins. Besides that the new
release improves buzzmachine compatibility, performance and has a better build

Major addition is wavetable support. Several bug fixes and build system

As planned, main focus for this release was the wavetable support. Its done -
buzztard can load what gstreamer can decode. The wavetable view has a nice
waveform widget. Related to that buzztard has a new song-format that bundles the
XML together with external files in a zip archive.
Also the UI has seen a lot of improvements. The machine view looks nicer - Marc
drew spiffy machine icons. In addition they now show real volume meters when
playing. All meters are now properly synced.

API renaming to cleanup gst namespace usage. Now includes former gstbml module.

project-page: http://www.buzztard.org
screenshots: http://www.buzztard.org/index.php/Screenshots
downloads : http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=55124

buzztard core developer team
-- http://www.buzztard.org

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