[LAD] Guide to Linux Sound APIs

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Wed Oct 1 03:21:11 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 30 September 2008, Lennart Poettering wrote:
>On Tue, 30.09.08 11:28, Gene Heskett (gene.heskett at verizon.net) wrote:
>> >> I believe (no docs to confirm or deny this) it also is hard coded to
>> >> pick the first device it finds as the default output device.  Since I
>> >> relegated the mobo's el simple chipset for use by skype et all, then
>> >> installed an Audigy2 for the real utility audio.  But PA refuses to use
>> >> the Audigy2. So it gets nuked.  And then sound Just Works(TM).
>> >
>> >You can move any active stream on-the-fly to a different device. Just
>> >right-click on it in pavucontrol. PA will then remember for later.
>> >
>> >Also, you can easily make a different device default via paucontrol, too.
>> What is pavucontrol?  It was never, ever, part of the kde menu's on this
>> F8, KDE-3.5.9 equipt x86 box.  The tool may well work as advertised, but
>> first it has to be found before it can be used.
>It is available in the GNOME menus AFAIR. I do not maintain the Fedora
>KDE packages and I have no idea how well or bad PA is integrated in KDE.
>> >> I'd complain, but there seems to be no path to the actual developers
>> >> other than Bugzilla, and my Bugzilla entries have been "won't fix"ed. 
>> >> If there is no path from the user who finds his system crippled,
>> >> leaving him no choice but to nuke as much as he can in order to get any
>> >> sound.  That of course is not conducive to actually getting it fixed.
>> >
>> >rhbz? Ids?
>> >
>> >If it's not rhbz or PA bts I won't get notice of it.
>> That is part of the problem, if this is a feedback path, this is the first
>> mention of it that I have noticed. Actual URL's please, my acronym
>> translator needs a new dictionary. :)
>rhbz = Red Hat Bugzilla (i.e. where you are supposed to report a bug
>if you found one in Fedora, http://bugzilla.redhat.com)
Which is where I filed the first report, and got a "won't fix" answer.  I 
don't recall the bz number atm.

>pa bts = PulseAudio Bug Tracker (i.e. where you are suppoed to report
>a bug if you found one in PulseAudio,
> http://pulseaudio.org/wiki/Community#PatchesBugsTranslations)

Humm, is doesn't work considered a bug? :)


Cheers, Gene
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