[LAD] [IDEA] Amp and effects modeling software for guitar

almbfsek at turk.net almbfsek at turk.net
Thu Oct 9 19:59:16 UTC 2008


Few days ago I came up with an idea about an open source guitar
modeling software. But because of my lack of knowledge on both
electronics and audio engineering I couldn't decide if it worths
something. Here it is directly quoted from linuxmusicians.com

Okay! My idea is to use GNUCAP or SPICE to process the guitar signal.
These are the top open source analog circuit simulators that are also
widely used in the industry for general purpose circuit simulation
(not audio specific). You basically feed them the schematics of a
circuit and wait for magic to happen. I believe they may be hacked to
accept a guitar signal as a varying voltage source. Now there are 3
questions: Is that even possible? If yes, is it possible in
real-time? If yes, would results be satisfying (quality and accuracy

thanks very much, and sorry in advance if I missed something obvious
and this is a completely useless idea

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