[LAD] [OT] DIY Trigger - Piezo to MIDI to PC

Ray Rashif schivmeister at gmail.com
Fri Oct 17 14:49:22 UTC 2008

Sorry for the very random subject, but I figured I'd need all the help I can

I've read about this for a _little_ while (time constraints..arghhh) on the
WWW, and I've posted on www.edrum.info too. In case anyone here has
better/fast/helpful suggestions/advice/shizznit, I'm sort of cross-posting:

I just want one trigger, which I'll use for the kick drum. As such, I'm
interested to know if there are premade boards for the MIDI conversion.
Basically all I need is something which can take the vibrations and convert
them to electrical signals (piezo), and then fed to something else that will
convert that electrical signal to a MIDI-ON message, after which I can plug
it into the MIDI input of an audio interface or use a MIDI-USB adapter to
plug in to a USB port.

And regarding MIDI, if I want to take into consideration dynamics, and let
the piezo trigger MIDI messages with varying attack information, how would
it be done? So depending on the voltage generated, it'd be a MIDI-ON but the
final message to the computer (audio interface) would be a "MIDI-ON &&
ATTACK == 75" sort of logic. Sorry for the noobish description, have just
started to dabble into (audio/midi) electronics.

I understand the concept and design roughly and I can move on by reading the
construction manual (refering to edrum's DIY guide), but at the moment I'm
looking for a quick way to build a trigger as I need it asap (and no $$ for
a real trigger kit/module).
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