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Erik de Castro Lopo mle+la at mega-nerd.com
Fri Oct 24 09:18:28 UTC 2008

AlgoMantra wrote:

> Geeks, tuxians and audioslaves!
> I need some help here. I got a bit freaked when I saw that
> the libsndfile example files contained a program nearly 1000 lines long to
> simply play a file. But perhaps it's intended for a higher level of
> geekery.

That file contains code to play audio using :

   Linux with ALSA
   Linux with OSS
   Apple using CoreAudio
   Windows using the native Win32 API
   Solaris using its' Solaris specific API.

> My task: I just want to load a few samples(wav)

Sounds like a task for libsndfile.

> which are represented on a
> GUI (using SDL) and when they knock about on the screen, sound (music)
> is generated using some rules.I need them to mix, of course.
> I was using SDL_mixer for this. But my problem was that I want to write to
> file (record) a whole session of the running program as a single wav. SDL_mixer
> does not seem to have writing options.

So use libsndfile.

> Now is there a way I can do this in some reasonably efficient manner using
> libsndfile?

libsndfile is for reading and writing sound files, not audio playback.
It reads/writes audio files as efficiently as possible,

> I could load using libsndfile too, skipping SDL_mixer altogether. It's
> already installed.

You will still need something for audio I/O. libsndfile won't do that
for you.

For audio I/O there are at least three possibilities, from what is
probably easiest to hardest:


Hope this helps,

PS: its probably not a good idea to address more than one mailing
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