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Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Fri Oct 31 22:26:49 UTC 2008

Hi Pedro :)

> Nobody has answered yet?

yep, thank you for your reply.

>> I'm new to the list and I'm not a Linux audio developer. I was a coder
>> for C64 MIDI and audio, programming in Assembler, I have less knowledge
>> about C/C++.
>> Because I have to do some research, e.g. because of strange behaviour of
>> MTC, I need a MIDI monitor, that shows MIDI bytes instead of an
>> interpretation of the MIDI events, like it's done by gmidimonitor and
>> kmidimon.
> You can try the utility "amidi" (from the alsa-utils package) with the --dump 
> option. See http://www.linuxmanpages.com/man1/amidi.1.php

Okay, this seems not to include information about any timer, but I could
compare it with the information from Kmidimon, that will be okay.

>> Can anybody help me to get such a MIDI monitor, maybe by simply writing me
>> how to compile the rwamidi example?
> edit the source, change the line:
> 	#include "../include/asoundlib.h"
> by
> 	#include <alsa/asoundlib.h>
> compile it with this command:
> 	$ gcc -o rawmidi -lasound rawmidi.c
> You need the -devel version of the alsa library package installed first, and 
> the GCC compiler.

If I will add a dump, maybe buy using an array and if I will include
some timer information, do I have to include any other headers?

I think I can add some program code myself, that might be not good, but
good enough for my needs and maybe a step to bear down my concerns about
C/C++ and the structure of Linux.

I have to admit that I don't like Linux for audio very much, but because
it seems to be the only FOSS OS that seriously can do audio, I have no
choice, I have to use it. I more less like closed source codes and
expensive or cracked software for audio, so I have to become more
familiar with Linux, if I like to do this or not.


Thanx again,

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