[LAD] Programming for Lilypond (how to become an developer)

Grammostola Rosea rosea.grammostola at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 09:48:52 UTC 2009


I'm just an Lilypond user, not an programmer. I really think Lilypond is 
a core app for GNU/Linux musicians and many apps has Lilypond export 
functions. To keep improving Lilypond and because some people are 
starting to work on some Tablature improvements, which makes me really 
excited, I thought, let's make a call.

Maybe you are a Lilypond user with a little programming background and 
want to contribute to Lilypond or you need a special feature/ 
improvement in it. Then you can start learning to do the programming 
You can start as a Frog, some kind of 'Lilypond student programmer'. You 
start learning the basics, maybe fix some bugs (like Frogs eat flies) 
and add some features you want with the help of the Lilypond developers.

More info about developing for Lilypond:

You can see the Contributors' Guide for some detailed information about


At this moment there are some guys beginning to work on more and better 
Tablature functionality for Lilypond. Which is great imo also to get 
better Tablature functionality in GUI apps like Mscore and Tuxguitar.
So maybe it's a good moment to jump in, and I think they can use some 
man power!

See for example these threads:

Thanks in advance,


(Just an happy Lily user/ guitarist)

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