[LAD] VST and Qt

Grammostola Rosea rosea.grammostola at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 12:45:40 UTC 2009

David García Garzón wrote:
> Hi, lads! Some news from the CLAM project.
> For anyone interested in that subject, we managed to build Qt based VST 
> interfaces (from linux!). Not about integrating existing VST in Qt 
> applications but building brand new plugins using Qt. This is an step to get 
> visual prototyped VST from CLAM as we got from LADSPA and JACK on last 
> releases. I don't think the integration could get into the next CLAM release, 
> but i guess that just the Qt-VST integration could be useful to someone in the 
> community.
> See more information here:
> http://vokicodder.blogspot.com/2009/04/vst-plugins-with-qt-user-interface.html
> The code is available in the first link to the CLAM developers list. Not the 
> proper distribution but i plan to make it available from clam or other 
> repository in short. Any collaborative hacking to improve it is very welcome.
I'm an programmer noob, but some questions.

1) what is your aim? Building VST plugins for Gnu/ Linux? Is a VST 
better then an LV2 plugin?
2) why is the focus in the Gnu/Linux work on VST and not on AudioUnit 
plugins? Linux and OS X are both Unix like systems right?



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