[LAD] basic in-game audio synthesis api?

David Olofson david at olofson.net
Tue Apr 7 00:25:53 UTC 2009

On Saturday 04 April 2009, james morris wrote:
> Taken a quick look. It looks too low-level DSP for me. I was
> actually thinking something along the lines of Audiality (but
> couldn't recall its name).

As of now, Audiality is mostly off-line modular synthesis along with a 
basic sampleplayer (DAHDSR envelopes, FX sends etc) and a few real 
time "effects".

So far, it's really been focused on creating sounds from "nothing" (ie 
no samples), though it can import, play and process sampled sounds as 

> Is Audiality dead? 

Yes and no. The most current release is probably the "unnamed" sound 
engine of Kobo Deluxe, though I'm just keeping it alive as I'm still 
using it - no real development. (As of 0.5.1, all sounds are pure 
modular synthesis - no samples.)

The plan is a major rewrite, using EEL for scripting (setup, real time 
control processing etc) over a properly modular DSP engine (possibly 
usable as a stand-alone library, without EEL), including 
modular "massively additive" IFFT synthesis.

The goal is to make it all modular, all the way from control data 
through audio outputs, and optionally off-line/real time, so you can 
have a "module" adapt to available resources, project requirements, 
user preferences etc.

Think evolved MOD format, including proper sound effect support. You 
load up a module, which exports a bunch of controls and triggers 
defined by the module author. Like connecting a studio sampler to the 
MIDI port and have the "sound guy" programm away on that - only you 
actually ship with that thing included with the game.

When? When I get around to it... :-)

> Anything else similar?

Couldn't FMOD or some other popular "game sound engine" do this? I 
know most of them have sample playback (obviously) and effects, but I 
don't know how flexible they are when it comes to wiring things 

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