[LAD] audio recording through pipe using mplayer and sox sometimes has incorrect speed

Luis Garrido luisgarrido at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Apr 9 22:28:21 UTC 2009

> GStreamer is strictly an *intra* application framework. It has
> capability (other than interfacing with JACK) to connect multiple
> applications.

Indeed (you obviously meant it *hasn't* the capability, of course.)

I didn't explicit clearly the context of my answer, sorry. I was more
thinking about the OP's situation and offering another possibility:
instead of jackifying his audio recognition program he could turn it
into a gstreamer plugin. There are advantages and disadvantages to
each of those solutions. A gstreamer plugin would be somewhat more
complicated to develop but in turn he wouldn't need mplayer, sox or
any external plumbing.


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