[LAD] [LAU] Travel from Milan Malpensa to Parma on wednesday evening

Benno Senoner benno.senoner at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 13 12:47:26 UTC 2009

Ah, I did not know that you paid for the hotel in Parma too, so in
that case, it makes more sense what you said and I think with the GPS
you will be fine, mostly you will travel on the highway so it will not
be a hard and long journey. probably around 2h. and if you drive
during the evening
the roads should not be very trafficked.
good luck and don't forget to enjoy the excellent food, I'm sure that
Fons meanwhile became a gourmet in terms of italian food so he will
bring you LADers to the right places :)   .. even if usually in italy
it's hard to find a place where food is really bad , but never say
never :)


2009/4/13 Pieter Palmers <pieterp at joow.be>:
> Benno Senoner wrote:
>> I agree with Fons, perhaps better to look for a cheap hotel near the
>> milan central railway station and take
>> the train next day.
>> for example a quick search gave me this link for low cost hotels near
>> the railway station,
>> prices starting from 41EUR
>> http://www.traveleurope.it/milan/milan_central_station.shtml
>> so my advide would be to take the bus malpensa express from Malpensa
>> airport (costs a few euros) to the central railway station
>> and then go to the hotel by foot (there should be several hotels in a
>> few hundred metres range).
> I've also investigated this, but given the fact that I already have to cover
> 40eur for a stay in parma for that night, and that the public transportation
> would set me back about 20eur (as far as I can see from the internet), it
> all adds up to about 100eur anyway.
> So for the extra 20eur the car costs, and another 20 for gas and road toll,
> I'd rather get to Parma the same evening. As a hard-headed stubborn idiot
> I'm probably going to take the chance, against your much appreciated advice
> ;). It's a good opportunity to put those navigation skills to a test... and
> I'll have a GPS at my disposal, so that should help.
> In any case, thanks for the advice!
> Pieter
>> hope this helps,
>> cheers,
>> Benno
>> 2009/4/13 Pieter Palmers <pieterp at joow.be>:
>>> Fons Adriaensen wrote:
>>>> On Sun, Apr 12, 2009 at 07:17:08PM +0200, Pieter Palmers wrote:
>>>>> I seem to have put myself in a brilliant position... My flight lands at
>>>>> 22:30 in Milan Malpensa airport, meaning that I can't make the last
>>>>> train from Milan to Parma.
>>>>> I have two possibilities: either stay a night in Milan and take the
>>>>> morning train, or rent a car in Malpensa, drive it to Parma and drop of
>>>>> it there the next morning. I've done the accounting for both
>>>>> scenario's,
>>>>> and the first one would come down to 100eur, while the car rental would
>>>>> set me back about 120 eur. Therefore I'm probably going to rent the car
>>>>> as it saves me a lot of hassle.
>>>>> But before booking it, I'm wondering if there are other people that
>>>>> might have the same issue. If so, a split fee would make things even
>>>>> more interesting (at least for me ;).
>>>> I wouldn't really advise anyone to travel Malpensa-Parma by
>>>> car, certainly not during the night unless you have already
>>>> done it and know what to expect. Or you have a GPS navigator
>>>> in the car - using just visual roadsigns could make you end
>>>> up in a completely different place.
>>> OK, good advice. A GPS isn't that much of an issue these days, so I'll
>>> bring one if I decide to go this route.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Pieter
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