[LAD] [ot] - NEED some security advise PLEASE!

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Sun Feb 15 12:20:51 UTC 2009


On Sunday 15 February 2009 11:39:09 Frank Barknecht wrote:
> Arnold Krille hat gesagt: // Arnold Krille wrote:
> > From my experience using key-logins only helps when you have only linux
> > users. Most windows people don't really understand the concepts of
> > security, public keys and such.
> True, but for home-machines of Linux Audio freaks, usually nobody from a
> Windows machine needs to log in anyway. ;) And if it's a public server,
> I'd rather not have anybody logging in through ssh who is not capable of
> dealing with key logins. I disabled password logins through ssh on
> my public machines.

In our university setup the only alternative to ssh/sftp would be pure ftp 
(with their accounts and passwords), which is a no-go. Its hard enough to 
teach them to set their ftp-program to use sftp...

And I once tried to use key-based authentication with winssh (or putty? can't 
remember) and even I didn't succeed. How should I expect them to use it?

Have fun,

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