[LAD] Dumb Idea #27: LV2 host as kernel?

Darren Landrum darren.landrum at sbcglobal.net
Sat Feb 21 20:34:37 UTC 2009

Adrian Knoth wrote:
> A last remark: what you call a "kernel" could be ardour or qtractor one
> day. There's no use and no need in getting rid of the real OS, let the
> Linux kernel do the hardware handling for you, implement your LV2 host
> and do everything else in a LV2 plugin.

I was never suggesting that this *replace* the OS kernel. I was merely
using that as an analogy.

Otherwise, everything you say sounds really good. I do think in the end,
however, that Paul is right and that there is a good reason none of this
has happened yet.

-- Darren

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